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Russian voice over

Order russian voice over talent & voice actor for commercials and audio production

"Reklamofon" studio does russian voice over for audio and video post production. Man versatile russian voiceover artist or voice talent singer is only $15 per text recording up to 30 seconds (60 words) and $60 per text recording standard format A4. Yes, that's right!



Just $10 cost you can order recording russian voice over. This is our special offer for sound recording studios and post-production:

• russian voice over for commercials
• recording russian voiceover for IVR
• russian speaker for video presentations
• order voice over for video


Our professional voice talent and voice actor will handle all of these tasks quickly, economically, but still excellent quality!

1. Voice over costs only $15 per text for audio up to 30 sec or $40 per A4 format.
2. Normally you get the order done within an hour.
3. Recording voice over is being made in a specially prepared acoustic room with such professional top-level equipment as tube microphones:
BraunerVM1, Gefell m990, Oktalab MKL-111 etc.
Drawmer 1960, RME Octamic II, Warmer Sound M40 etc.
Mastering-station on base TC Electronic PowerCore System 6000.
4. You can check the demo to find out a quality of our russain voice over talents.

But you have more choose our russian voiceover speakers here!

Russian voice over for videos and presentations

The voice we attached you can certainly use for many other tasks as well besides audio. For example, game-video film.

Russian voice over is an essential element in producing videos and presentations that target Russian-speaking audiences. Whether it's a corporate video, product demo, or promotional video, having a professional Russian voice over artist can help you convey your message effectively.

Russian is the eighth most spoken language in the world, with over 258 million speakers worldwide. It is the official language in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. It is also widely spoken in Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and other countries in Eastern Europe. With such a large number of speakers, it's essential to produce content that resonates with them.

Producing videos and presentations in Russian requires a deep understanding of the language and culture. This is where a professional Russian voice over artist comes in. They can help you bridge the communication gap and deliver your message in a way that resonates with your target audience.

Here are some reasons why you should consider using a professional Russian voice over artist for your videos and presentations:

  • Native Speaker Advantage: A native Russian speaker can deliver your message in a way that resonates with your audience. They have a deep understanding of the language, pronunciation, and intonation, which is crucial when communicating with a Russian-speaking audience.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: A professional Russian voice over artist can ensure that your message is culturally sensitive and appropriate. They understand the nuances of the Russian language and can help you avoid any cultural faux pas that could harm your brand.
  • Professionalism: A professional Russian voice over artist has years of experience in the field. They know how to use their voice to engage the audience and keep them interested in your message. They can also help you create a consistent tone and style for your videos and presentations.
  • Cost-Effective: Hiring a professional Russian voice over artist can save you time and money. They can deliver high-quality recordings that are ready to use in your videos and presentations. This eliminates the need for costly studio recordings and post-production work.

When hiring a Russian voice over artist, it's essential to choose someone with the right experience and expertise. Look for someone who has experience in your niche or industry and can deliver a style that resonates with your target audience.

Russian voice over
In conclusion, if you want to produce high-quality videos and presentations for a Russian-speaking audience, you need to consider using a professional Russian voice over artist. They can help you deliver your message effectively and ensure that it resonates with your target audience. With the right voice over artist, you can create videos and presentations that connect with your audience on a deeper level and drive your message home.

Listen, read, make your mind.

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With a hope for effective collaboration for recording russian voice over, "Reklamofon" studio.

russian voiceover

The russian voiceover

Provided Russian voice talent could be recorded not only for an audio advertisement on radio stations indeed, but also for other possible aims including challenges in creative sphere, for example, video games.
It is important to realize that there is our staff speaker’s voice offered on this page, but other voices are presented on this webpage.
Listen to us, read, conclude and order our Russian voice actor.
Looking forward to a further fruitful cooperation, “Reklamofon” studio.

Russian voiceovers have become increasingly popular in recent years, as they are a powerful way to convey emotion and meaning in film, television, and other media. Whether you're watching a movie, a documentary, or an animated series, a skilled Russian voiceover artist can bring a sense of authenticity and depth to the performance, helping to draw the viewer into the story and make them feel more engaged with the characters and the world around them.

    1. One of the key benefits of using a Russian voiceover is that it can help to overcome the language barrier that often exists between viewers and the content they are watching. For example, if a movie or documentary is originally produced in English, it may be difficult for Russian-speaking audiences to fully understand and appreciate the nuances of the dialogue and storytelling. However, by adding a Russian voiceover, the filmmakers can ensure that the message of the film is conveyed in a way that resonates with the local audience.
    2. In addition to enhancing the viewing experience for the audience, a well-executed Russian voiceover can also add value for the content creators themselves. For example, if a movie or television series is released in multiple countries and languages, a high-quality Russian voiceover can help to increase the show's popularity and revenue potential. This is because it allows the show to be more easily distributed and marketed to a wider range of audiences, including those who may not be fluent in English or other languages.

  1. Another benefit of using Russian voiceovers is that they can help to preserve the cultural identity and heritage of Russian-speaking communities around the world. By incorporating the language and customs of these communities into films and other media, the filmmakers can help to promote a sense of pride and connection among Russian speakers, while also sharing their unique perspectives and experiences with a global audience.
  2. Of course, creating a high-quality Russian voiceover is not always easy. It requires a great deal of skill, talent, and dedication on the part of the voiceover artist, as well as the support of a team of professionals who can provide the necessary technical expertise and guidance. Some of the key factors that contribute to a successful Russian voiceover include clear and accurate pronunciation, appropriate tone and inflection, and a deep understanding of the underlying emotions and themes of the content being presented.

Despite the challenges involved, however, the benefits of using Russian voiceovers are clear. Whether you are a content creator looking to reach a wider audience, or a viewer looking to connect more deeply with the stories and characters on screen, a well-executed Russian voiceover can be a powerful tool for communicating meaning, emotion, and cultural identity in the world of film and media.

To record russain voice actor for an audio advertisement

Russian voice over
The well-known fact is that a lot of essential features in advertisement depend on the way you present the information: the depth of perception, comprehension of the main idea, motivations long for feedback, and even emotional feeling. Russian voiceover is one of the most accessible tools to convey information, which many people cannot use. That is why others prefer applying to professional speakers.  Audio advertisement can easily attract listeners’ attention, earn loyalty, persuade of something by the voiceover recorded with well-rehearsed intonation and trained with special exercises. This is the main factor that proves the radio advertising is one of the most popular marketing decisions.

Russian voice actor is the sort of a conductor between employer’s thoughts, emotions, desires and the mass market, potential consumers and service receivers. Sometimes good voiceover can do much more than it was supposed to from the customer’s point of view. According the statistics, only words can reveal 7 percentages from the drift of the speech; about 40 percent actually account to the tone that the speech was pronounced with, the rest of it depends on the speaker’s motility. Despite the fact that the majority of people listen to the radio with half an ear, russain voice actors have the unique timbre, the tonality, and the right tempo and they are capable to gravitate to the bottom of our consciousness as an anchor, inducing necessary actions.

There are not any doubts that audio advertising on radio is an effective marketing tool; however we should not forget about some features of the successful promotion of media products. Matched voice speaker and well written text are two the most important keys of the audio advertising. If the text is brief and informative and the russain voiceover timbre fit the general text’s and product’s theme, then one of the goals has achieved. Successful audio advertising with a pleasant voice speaker will be not only heard by listeners, but also memorized. Thus, it will definitely lead to a positive result of a product or an offer promotion. Advisement on radio is the easiest and cheapest way to convey the information. In order to make it unforgettable there is a special voice selections needed within the correct topic. For this purpose the voice database was created. It is possible here to record voice actors from any age category: from the young voice to the old one.

russian voiceover for commercial
Russain voiceover influences the quality of advertisement

You are familiar with the fact that voice talent has a strong impact on the audience. Possible to say that 80 percent advertisement’s success depends not on the voice actor’s speech object, but on the way how the presenter speaks. Then, what kind of characteristics should the representative have and where can we find the person who possesses oratorical skills?

In the world of advertising, the voiceover can make all the difference. A well-delivered voiceover can capture the attention of the audience and convey the message effectively, leading to increased engagement and sales. When it comes to Russian voiceovers, the impact can be even greater.

Russian voiceovers have been making their mark in the advertising world for years. Russian is a unique language that has its own nuances and subtleties. The tone and cadence of the language can greatly affect the way a message is received. This is why many advertisers have turned to Russian voiceovers to create compelling and effective ads.

  • One of the biggest advantages of using Russian voiceovers is the emotional impact they can have on the audience. Russian is a language that is known for its expressiveness and depth of feeling. When a voiceover artist delivers a message in Russian, they can convey a range of emotions that are hard to replicate in other languages. This can help to create a deeper connection between the audience and the brand, leading to increased loyalty and sales.
  • Another advantage of using Russian voiceovers is the credibility they can bring to a message. In Russia, voiceover artists are highly respected professionals who are trained to deliver messages in a way that is clear, concise, and effective. When a Russian voiceover is used in an advertisement, it can lend an air of authority and expertise to the message, making it more compelling to the audience.

In addition to these advantages, Russian voiceovers can also help to break down cultural barriers. Russia is a vast and diverse country with its own unique cultural traditions and norms. By using a Russian voiceover, advertisers can create a message that is tailored to the cultural preferences of their target audience. This can help to increase the effectiveness of the ad and improve overall engagement.

Of course, like any language, there are challenges to using Russian voiceovers. One of the biggest challenges is finding the right voiceover artist who can deliver the message effectively. Russian voiceover artists are highly skilled professionals who require extensive training and experience to master their craft. Advertisers need to take the time to find the right artist who can convey the message in a way that resonates with the target audience.

Another challenge is the complexity of the Russian language itself. Russian has a complex grammar system, with a range of inflections and cases that can be difficult to master. Advertisers need to work closely with their voiceover artist to ensure that the message is delivered correctly and effectively.

Despite these challenges, the benefits of using Russian voiceovers in advertising are clear. With their emotional impact, credibility, and ability to break down cultural barriers, Russian voiceovers can be a powerful tool for advertisers looking to create compelling and effective ads. By taking the time to find the right voiceover artist and working closely with them to craft the message, advertisers can create an ad that resonates with their target audience and drives sales.

Russan voiceover is a key element of advertising.

In order to make advertising more effective it is necessary to take into account a variety of key factors.  Whatever we are talking about:  the video for television, brochures or audio advertising for radio. Regardless of the information complexity that you need to convey to the audience, it will be easily assimilated if all the details are verified and considered. It is necessary to make sure that audio advertising was heard. In general voice actor affects the whole perceptions.

Usually for the russain voiceover speaker choice a database should be used. Each base consists of a number of russian voice actors with different timbres and voice trainings, and different supply of the text. It is easy to get lost among this wide diversity, and then inappropriate picked voice can cause the inefficiency of advertising. Advertising is very popular on radio; at least because radio advertising is characterized by high efficiency level, great feedback, low funds expenditure, whereas this advertising will be heard by people at large.
If advertising brings catchy and interesting idea it can stick to audience memory for ever. This actualization is impossible without a sound engineer and the russian voice speaker. In this case, russain voiceover plays a very significant role. It should have the power to make radio listeners stop doing everything and get involved into voice speaker’s speech instead. Radio audition advertising will directly depend on the recorded voice of the announcer.

russian voiceover for radio and TV

To order russian voice actor for advertising

That is why you should order russian voice actor who professionally possesses his or her own voice, can express all kinds of emotions and call for listening and actions. The one who has professionally trained and strong voice can immediately draw attention to advertisement. During the process of choosing the voice talent the nature of radio advertising also should be considered. Depending on this factor, you should pick a female voice or a male voice. You must also pay attention to the speaker’s age, timbre and flexibility.
For good sales russian voiceover ought to understand the material he reads and show the emotions while he performs in radio advertising. The voice without emotion does not cause a desire to listen and to delve into the root of what has been said.

If you cannot decide about the duration of radio commercial, it is worth to know that the long radio spots only annoy radio listeners, consequently short length radio commercial are more effective. Thus, you are able to reduce your expenses of funds on advertising and to achieve maximum result. But it is important to say the essential information in short video within time. Comparison of your product advantages with other companies is not a good idea, and it may alienate the audience.

It should also be born in mind that if you want to create a radio advertisement that immediately attract the attention on the particular radio station, it is not necessary to order the russian voice speaker who often appears  in the air. New voice will stands out from the rest, thus that the possibility that your ads will be heard will increase significantly.

Well picked and recorded russian voiceover talent will help to make radio advertisement special, unforgettable and distinguished.
Russian voiceover for audio

Russian voiceover for audio

Keep mind when you record men, women or children voice talents that each of them has its own characteristics: height, range, timbre, vibration, tone, strength, with which use you can put the impact on the target audience. Each audio requires its own "voice ". When you choose a speaker take into account movie genre and the advertised product. Sometimes, during recording the russain voice actor needs to double a few tens attempt to get the right sound. The russian voiceover should have not only a beautiful, powerful, expressive voice for better success of radio advertising, but it also requires

  • • Certain acting techniques
  • • Language games skills
  • • An ability to focus on points
  • • Knowledge of special breathing techniques
  • • nd the excellent command of the language.

Therefore, most of the russain voice speakers have graduated theatrical schools or acting classes. By the way, the great voice speaker is able to make a "masterpiece" out from a mediocre script.
What voice actors can we record?

The advertising success depends on several components:

  • Laconic (text concise and understandable)
  • Imagery (listener should see what is meant)
  • Soundtrack (increased emotional effect)
  • Communication between advertising and the urgency of the day
  • Individual approach to the listener (voices matched with the audience choice)

Audio advertising exist not only for one voice (one speaker), but also for two or more voices. The sound is easily perceived alternately male and female turns. Such conversation or dialogue is more convincing, and provide trusting relationship with the customer. The future success of advertising depends on how warm and sincere the russan voiceover sounds. The more convincingly the speaker tells thing the deeper the text deposits into the listener's memory. These notes are very important in voice actor:

  1. Invitation to view product
  2. Advice on purchasing or quality
  3. A promise that everything will be great

The biggest unacceptable mistake in the timbre of the voice is the commanding tone. It should be avoided. Russain voiceover is an integral part of advertising engine. Base voices - a subtle flair director who can accurately hit the target theme and Audio advertising playback.
Audio advertising is the most relevant and effective method to provide advertising, competitive and efficient as of today’s date.

Russian voiceover for advertising

Russain Voiceover has a key role in advertising.

If you order a voice for the audio advertising, or record voice actor, then, the main attention should be focused on the manner of presentation, the timbre, intonation, and many other nuances, and  ignoring these things it is unlikely to create memorable radio advertising.

To order russain voiceover and speaker: contradictions do exist

Sometimes this situation happens: a potential voice speaker for commercials has a certain charm and it is pleasure to work with him, but nevertheless audio advertisement with his participation fails on face. There are a lot of reasons for it. First of all, you need to understand that the content and play with the styles of speech depend on what kind of product you are promoting, and for whom it is intended.
Thus, before recording russain voiceover, it is important to investigate the characteristics of the target audience. And according to the received knowledge, think about how you can motivate people to make a purchase using the speech timbre, intonations and imperative sentences.

To order russain voiceover and speaker

To record the voice actor: how to speak

Psychologists opinion about fast speaking as a sign of a confidence lack or about incomprehension of the sentences as a reason of slow-pace  speech cannot be related to audio spots. Sometimes it is necessary to speak quickly or with a certain length, but in general your speech should sound clearly and firmly. From time to time even emotions are welcome, but it is important not to cross the line, because loud voices and raging feelings may frighten and irritate people instead of getting a positive reaction. Moreover you should be very careful with using coat-trailing words and the strong language.
How to create something special
Radio advertising is difficult to imagine without incidental music. None the less, music creates background, and video clip seems dry as a chip and boring without it.  Some commercials are capable to engage the audience very deep, making them record it as their favorite songs and then listen on the players or on a computer; however Voice speaker does not bother people at all. Everything depends on the individuality and the personal preferences.
From the other hand, when you order the russian voiceover, the sound recording of the company’s motto shouldn’t be skipped in the commercial. It allows creating such a special effect and making the brand even more popular and well-recognized in your future customers’ mind.

We hope our article was useful and enjoyable for you.

Russian voiceover in our base

Russian voice over

If you're looking to add some international flair to your next project, why not consider a Russian voiceover? With its distinctive accent and rich cultural heritage, Russian can add an exotic and unique touch to any production.

A Russian voiceover can be used for a variety of projects, from commercials and advertisements to corporate training videos and e-learning courses. It can also be used for entertainment projects such as documentaries, films, and television shows.

  • One of the main benefits of using a Russian voiceover is the ability to reach a wider audience. Russia is a vast country with a population of over 144 million people, and the Russian language is also spoken in many other countries, such as Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. By using a Russian voiceover, you can potentially reach millions of people who may not speak English or other widely-spoken languages.
  • Another benefit of using a Russian voiceover is the emotional impact it can have on viewers. Russian is a very expressive language, with a wide range of tones and inflections that can convey a variety of emotions. Whether you're trying to convey excitement, sadness, or urgency, a Russian voiceover can help to capture the mood and emotion of your project.
  • When choosing a Russian voiceover artist, it's important to consider their accent, tone, and delivery. Ideally, you want someone who is a native speaker of Russian and has a clear, easy-to-understand accent. You also want someone who can convey the appropriate emotion and tone for your project, whether it's upbeat and energetic or more serious and somber.
  • Fortunately, there are many talented Russian voiceover artists available, both in Russia and around the world. Many of these artists can be found through online voiceover marketplaces, where you can listen to their demos and choose the one that best suits your project.
  • If you're interested in adding a Russian voiceover to your next project, it's important to work with a professional voiceover studio that can provide high-quality recording and production services. This will ensure that your final product sounds polished and professional, and that your message is conveyed clearly and effectively to your audience.

Our russian voiceover actors is the best

In recent years, the demand for voiceover actors has increased dramatically. With the rise of streaming platforms and the globalization of the entertainment industry, there is a growing need for talented professionals who can lend their voices to various projects. And when it comes to voiceover acting, there is one group of professionals that stands out - Russian voiceover actors.

Russian voiceover actors are considered among the best in the world, and for good reason. Their skills and expertise are highly sought after, and they have become an integral part of the entertainment industry. Here are some reasons why our Russian voiceover actors are the best.

  1. First of all, Russian voiceover actors have a unique talent for conveying emotion through their voice. Whether they are performing in a dramatic scene or a comedy, they can make the audience feel every emotion with their intonations, pauses, and inflections. This skill is especially important for animated projects, where the voice actor must bring the character to life through their voice alone.
  2. Secondly, Russian voiceover actors have a great sense of rhythm and timing. They are able to match their delivery perfectly to the pace of the scene, making the dialogue sound natural and effortless. This is a critical skill for dubbing projects, where the actor must match their lines to the original language track while still conveying the intended meaning.
  3. Another reason why Russian voiceover actors are so highly regarded is their ability to adapt their voice to any role. They can voice a wide range of characters, from heroic leads to villains, and everything in between. This versatility is essential in the entertainment industry, where voice actors may be asked to perform a variety of roles throughout their career.
  4. Finally, Russian voiceover actors are highly trained professionals who take their craft very seriously. They spend years honing their skills and perfecting their craft, and they are constantly striving to improve. This dedication to their work is what sets them apart from other voice actors and ensures that they continue to deliver outstanding performances.

In conclusion, it is clear that our Russian voiceover actors are the best in the world. Their unique talent, sense of rhythm and timing, versatility, and dedication to their craft make them invaluable members of the entertainment industry. Whether they are working on a film, a TV series, or a video game, they bring their A-game to every project, and we are fortunate to have them in our industry.






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